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Topics For An Argumentative Essay For College Students

Topics For An Argumentative Essay For College StudentsI often get asked questions about topics for an argumentative essay for college students. If you have never written a book review, essay, or dissertation, this article will help you know more about what to write about and what not to do.Don't ever be afraid to say the obvious! Every college student gets a lot of advice on writing their essays, from teachers to professors to friends. The most important thing is to follow it.It is much easier to write an article, but it is also easier to stop writing your article and toss it in the trash can. It is a far worse mistake to write an essay or dissertation than a simple article. In fact, as far as grammar is concerned, it is way worse to write an essay.Another mistake that students make is they write an essay or a dissertation for someone else. As a writer, you should always write your own essays or dissertations. As a first time student, it is very tempting to write for someone else. Ho wever, as a student, you should always write what you want to write.Many college students have no idea what they are writing. This is because they did not prepare at all before writing the essays, dissertations, or books. Therefore, a good idea is to read your topic, and then write your own thoughts based on what you have read.Also, if you have not done your topic for an argumentative essay for college students yet, write the essay that you have just read, without the conclusion or thoughts that you already wrote in the beginning. If you are going to ask the reader to read your essay again, you might as well write your own. Besides, it is much easier to read an essay than a word document.The last thing to remember when you are writing your topic for an argumentative essay for college students is not to give away too much. In fact, just the opposite: to make the essays so interesting that they will leave your reader speechless.

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Analysis Of Joseph Smith History, Narrative Of The Life Of...

English 202 Benjamin Bitner Winter 2016 Final Exam Part 1 1. Discuss the quest for truth and meaning in the Joseph Smith History, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Joseph Smith History JSH Chapter 1 verse 9ish Truths were absent and they needed to be restored. What is to be done? Who of all of these parties are right and how should I know it? If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God. The teachers of religion understood concepts differently. Appeal to the Bible is not sufficient because interpretation is different for everyone. Bible can’t lead me to complete truth, prayer can if once believes. Truth can be found in a place that is free of distraction, nature. Satan attempts to interrupt JS prayer in search for truth, making it a rigorous process that reveals that one must truly believe and yearn for pure truth. Narrative of the life of FD The pursuit of truth and meaning in the Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass. Knowledge is the means to freedom. Education and freedom are connected to each other. The road to freedom was the road of education. When the mistress tries to teach Frederik Douglass how to read, the husband gets extremely upset and notes that if you teach a slave how to read, he will no longer want to be a slave. the perpetuation of slavery through enforced ignorance. Douglass’s explanation about why he does not describe the means of his escape elaborates on one of the Narrative’s main themes—the

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Parent Child Relationship in Greek Mythology Essay

It is inferred that the parents should take care of their children and have their best interest at heart. This however, is not the case in Greek and Roman mythology. The killing of ones own children, or filicide, was not viewed as negative upon in their era. The contemporary times contrast with the ancient Greek and Roman’s because it was justified to use any means necessary to obtain a higher status. The Greeks and Romans valued keeping a high social reputation and having respect for those of great power. The motherly union between their children conflict with the reality that the father strives to retain or gain control. These circumstances cause a tense bond between the members of the family. The strained parent to child relationship in†¦show more content†¦Knowing that having the kingdom would make his name great throughout the nation, Pelias struggled to keep it however way possible. This patriarchal love for control in turn leads to a discord of the family, espe cially between the child and father. In contrast to the father, the mother had a connection with their children, often leading to an overthrow of the husband. This materialistic love is easily shown in the myth of Demeter and Persephone. â€Å" The joy of Demeter’s eternal lifetime was her daughter, Persephone, whom she had borne to Zeus â€Å" ( Rosenberg Demeter 94). After Persephone was taken away, Demeter became infuriated and even â€Å" withdrew her life sustaining powers,.. she broke the plows, killed oxen, and caused the earth to shrivel† ( Rosenberg Demeter 96). Seen from Demeter’s reaction to the situation, the bond between mother and child was very strong compared to that of the father. When Persephone returns, she takes comfort in her mother rather than her father. Children usually took the mother’s side and went against their father’s will. In the creation myth of the Greeks, there were two generations in which the mother wanted to protect her children from the grasps of the father. Gaea was afraid of what Uranus would do to their fearful children, and sought to protect them ( Rosenberg Creation 86). The wives of Cronus and Uranus both schemed the overthrow of their husbands,Show MoreRelatedThe Relationships Between Parents and Children in Greek and Roman Myths1422 Words   |  6 Pagesinvolving the relationships between parents and children, Greek and Roman myths show us that at one point in time, incest was considered socially acceptable. Many Greek and Roman myths contain twisted relationships between parents and children. These twisted relationships can be broken into three different categories: mothers and sons that have exceptionally strong bonds, parents that are threatened by their children, and the betrayal of parents or children. Greek and Roman Mythology often employsRead MoreEssay about Greek and Roman Mythology1513 Words   |  7 PagesGreek and Roman mythology is well know. The people of that time period were passionate about the gods and did everything in their power to please them. Like most religions the goal is be like one of the gods in order to achieve good fortune or to gain everlasting life. One of the most interesting characteristics about the Greek and Roman Gods is how the gods are not perfect in that they make the same mistakes that the average human would make. These characteristics were put into place to allow ancientRead MoreGreek Mythology : Greek Gods And Goddesses1577 Words   |  7 PagesGreek Mythology In my research I have learned an addition of facts and stories about Greek mythology. Like how â€Å"the Pegasus and Chrysor came from the blood of Medusa’s head after Perseus cut it off† (Greek Mythology). Or how the â€Å"Amazonian group of warriors was all females† (Greek Mythology). The more that I have research about my topic the more fascinating and interesting it becomes. I hope that everyone will further their research and knowledge on this topic whether it’s reading a book, researchingRead MoreThe Symbolism Behind Parents and Children in Mythology Essay1993 Words   |  8 Pagesbond between parents and children is something that was created soon after the first man was created. Unlike certain animals, whose children go off and fend for themselves right after birth, the care given to children by human parents is different. As humans, parents care and provide for their child until he/she is ready to live on their own. It is during this process of caring, that the true relationship between parents and their children form. The antiquity of parent child relationships is seen throughRead MoreThe Characteristics Of Dionysus700 Words   |  3 PagesIf you ever have a celebration, make sure to invite the life of the party and wine supplier, Dionysus. Dionysus is one of the Twelve Olympians. He took over Hestia’s position on Mount Olympus when she left, making him the last Greek mythology figure to arrive on Mount Olympus (â€Å"Dionysus - Facts and Information†). However, he does not reside there often as he holds a domain over the earth and wanders around teaching winemaking skills to men. In his wanderings, Dionysus can be caught carrying his thyrsusRead MoreThe Mythology Of The Greek Mythology1438 Words   |  6 Pagesthat the Ancient Greeks were and still are such a great influence towards our Western culture. Of course, they are not the only ones who have contributed to our knowledgeable society. Though, when it comes to the category of psychology I believe that the Ancient Greeks contributed the most, specifically with their mythology. A myth is defined as a traditional or legendary story, collection, or study. It is derived from the Greek word mythos, which simply means story. The Greek myths had many purposesRead MoreGenesis Vs Greek : Families1362 Words   |  6 PagesGenesis vs Greek: Families When most people hear the word â€Å"family† they usually picture the first definition that appears in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: â€Å"a group of individuals living under one roof†. However, a family can also be defined as â€Å"a group of persons of common ancestry†. Most importantly, family is about the relationships that a group of individuals has with one another, whether they are related by blood or not. The creation story found in Greek culture portrays a completely differentRead MoreResearch Essay - Trojan War1431 Words   |  6 PagesGoddesses lived among mortals, controlling every aspect of life. For every act of nature, rain or sun, war or peace, there was a God who was responsible. In the early centuries, religion was often considered the most important aspect of life. Mycenaean Greeks (Spartans) and the Trojans believed that the gods they prayed to were at war and because of this, they were at war too; this lasted for ten bloody years. In br ief, the Trojan War began when the Supreme God of the Olympians, Zeus was asked to judgeRead MoreThe Impact of Greek Mythology on Western Culture5592 Words   |  23 PagesI. Background Information of Greek Mythology Greek mythology is the body of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. They were a part of religion in ancient Greece. Modern scholars refer to, and study, the myths, in an attempt to throw light on the religious and political institutions of Ancient Greece, its civilization, and to gain understanding of theRead MoreSexuality And Same Sex Relationships Essay981 Words   |  4 Pagessex relationships, as well as the social, cultural and political factors that have affected same-sex families in North America. History of Same-Sex Relationships Many people point to examples of same sex love from the western world, but these relationships were seen much before Canada and the United States were developed. The ancient Greeks did not have terms or concepts that explain the modern day ‘heterosexual’ or ‘homosexual’, but there is a great deal of proof that same sex relationships did

Global Health And The 10/90 Gap assignment essay

Question: Describe about global health and the 10/90 gap? Answer: Introduction: The concept of Global Health can be explained as the area of practice, research and also a study in the particular places which mainly focuses on improving the health conditions and also in the achievement of equality of health to all the people around the world. Many Human Rights declare that all the individuals have a right to live a standard with adequate health facilities for himself as well for his family. But due to the vast disparity which exists between the high-income countries and the low-income countries and also between the individuals of a country many people are left living in extremely unhealthy surroundings and also very insufficient access to health care facilities (Keusch et al (2006). Many of the developing countries bear almost 90% of the global diseases and only 10% of funding is given to take care of the health care facilities. Therefore there is a need to encourage the capacity of all the researches that need to take place in the developing countries through a combine effort made in national and also international collaborations. Many of the government organizations like the World Health Organization, Commission on Health Research for Development etc have been working hard to address the inequity issues of global health research which is commonly known as the 10/90 gap. These organizations are trying to develop various solutions to overcome the difficulties face by the communities like the problem of lack of finance as well as low intellectual available to the communities all over the world. This would help in giving rise to a more solid research community and also help in gaining attention to the research needs of the developing world which are being neglected. It is very essential to understand that global health researches not only help to generate knowledge but also teaches to make these changes into action. In the other hand the research also helps in guiding its policies and programs that help in the development and also in delivering better health services. Hence different cultures have different perspectives about the various diseases and healthcare services. For instance in the developing countries there are many stigmas that are attached to the diseases which as a result contributes to the different beliefs which are most commonly seen in the Western world. Therefore this stigma causes a barrier that comes along with the diseases and makes the people unwilling to seek any treatment which also results in low delivery of healthcare services that need to be used in order to eliminate the diseases (Boulle A (2007). When there is an implementation of public health intervention then the research must be conducted to examine all the socia l factors that may increase the quality of the delivery of healthcare services. The main aim of the field of global health for the populations worldwide is to focus on the issues related to the global, economic and political significance and also aims at improving the wellbeing and health related factors face by the vulnerable, undeserved and impoverished people around the globe. These initiatives include various factors like the promotion of equality of the genders, a raise in the policies for the environmental standards of lives, efforts to improve the food security and nutrition, poverty reduction strategies and also measures to prevent diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis. There should also be an understanding of the culture of a community so that the health workers do not fail in their research programs although they put in their best efforts and also in using the advanced technologies (Norris et al (2009). Therefore to avoid such mishaps the health workers must cond uct researches mainly to understand the cultural perceptions of the different diseases that a community faces and help in further developing culturally sound approaches and techniques to deliver health care services to them. Many of the researches have claimed that only 10% of the global health is focusing on the conditions which in turn accounts for the 90% of the burdens of the global diseases, this is referred to as the 10/90 gap where they argue that all the diseases are neglected in the low-income countries and also that the pharmaceutical industries have not invested much in the researches for the development of these diseases and provide good health care facilities (Elisle et al (2009). A lot of the section of illness in the low-income countries can be treated and also avoided by the interventions of researches and medicines as most of the diseases in these low-income countries emerge out of poverty, poor nutrition, lack of access to good sanitation, indoor pollution of air and a lack of good knowledge of health education. The organization WHO states that most of the diseases are associated with the problem of poverty which is on an average of 45% of the diseases in these poor countries but howeve r all of these deaths are mostly treatable and preventable by the existing medicines and healthcare services. However the populations of these poor socio-economic societies suffer from a lack of access to these healthcare facilities and medicines available and this results in the failure of the public health policies which focus on the rate of the global mortality. Therefore most of the preventable diseases like malaria, measles and diarrhea are caused due to malnutrition. Conclusion: In conclusion it can be said that global health research is very important to eliminate or remove the different cultural, logical as well as the social obstacles that exist with the efforts made by the different global health programs. Therefore the research should aim at the many concerns which are brought out by most of the developing countries to help not only close the 10/90 gap in health related areas but also to close the gap of attaining knowledge regarding global health among the developed and the developing countries in the world (Labonte et al (2009). Furthermore, the researchers also must be very sensitive in dealing with the various cultures of a particular community and also it can be said that the global health research field continues to grow and the researchers have a great potential to make an impact in the area of global health and also make very important contributions worldwide References Boulle, A and N Ford " Scaling up antiretroviral therapy in developing countries: what are the benefits and challenges?" British Medical Journal 19 Nov 2007 Elisle, Helene, Janet Hatcher Roberts, Michelle Munro, Lori Jones and Theresa W Gyorkos "Health Research Policy and Systems" 21 Feb 2005 Web.25 Jun 2009 Keusch, Gerald T, Joan Wilentz, and Arthur Kleinman "Stigma and global health: developing a research agenda." The Lancet Feb 2006 525-527. Labonte, Ronald and Jerry Spiegel "Setting global health research priorities Burden of disease and inherently global health issues should both be considered" British Medical Journal 05 Apr 2003 722-723. Web 24 July 2009. Norris, Jeremiah. "Global health research: don't ignore achievements so far" The Lancet Vol. 317, Issue 961506 Mar 2008 810-811. Web 24 Jul 2009. "Trial Summary" Arrow: Anti-retroviral Research for Watoto. UK Department for International Development Medical Research Council of UK 24 Jul 200.

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The Investigative Paper On Huckelberry Finn Essay free essay sample

, Research Paper The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn This novel is really subjective and can been viewed in many ways as to whether this book should be accepted by the school board or non. Obviously looking straight at the content and to seeking to find whether this book caters to the pupils # 8217 ; desire is perfectly ineffectual. To find whether the novel # 8217 ; s content is acceptable to the reading of teenage pupils is really much a controversial issue. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the authorship manner and the content play an utmost function in finding whether this book is acceptable. The authorship manner in this novel is really originative and descriptive. Its graphic descriptions allow one to be able to wholly visualise the state of affairs. The writer uses the linguistic communication that the slaves in back in the nineteenth century had spoken, and through this he specifically shows how illiterate and awkward they were at talking proper English. We will write a custom essay sample on The Investigative Paper On Huckelberry Finn Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This type of manner verily portrays the nineteenth century authorship and allows pupils to see the different assortments of authorship manners used through out clip. This linguistic communication used by the inkinesss and portrayed by Twain made the novel at times really hard to read. On many occasions it was necessary to read and reread the text to understand what Jim ( the slave ) was stating. This manner of authorship does non aid in the English of the pupils who are reading the books. The slang and the usage of the abbreviated words will in bend affect the reader subconsciously. The famine of vocabulary in this book is non assisting the pupils # 8217 ; instruction. This absence of vocabulary can consequence the pupils # 8217 ; abilities composing abilities in their ain work. Huckleberry Finn exhibits favourable and unfavourable ways of projecting its thoughts through its usage of words. The content in a narrative is strictly subjective. However, the degree Celsius ontent’s quality in the instance of adulthood of the pupils and the issues brought up in the Hagiographas can consequence the students’ outlook. In Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain describes the issue of bondage indirectly through a narrative. He shows racism through Jim when the people called him a Nigger and when they are ever mentioning to him as a Negro. This book shows the assorted racial jobs that occurred in our history at the clip Mark Twain wrote this novel. This content allows pupils to recognize all the racial bias in the nineteenth century. Mark Twain besides shows that in the nineteenth century non all the white males were racist and ferine towards their slaves and that some had a good bosom. Due to this expressed content this book can be really easy dropped by the school board for the averments of racism and racial dogmatism. Racism is a really sensitive topic and can do great hurt in many students’ heads. Racial disparages is really common in Huckleberr y Finn. An illustration of this is when Jim is concealing in the boat with Huck and the slave backstops come up to their boat inquiring if they had seen a runaway â€Å"Nigger† . This can evidently do affliction to a student’s mentally. Huckleberry Finn’s content can make many contentions, but it can besides assist a pupil recognize the universe in the nineteenth century. The authorship manners and the content of this novel have created contentions that have been debated for over a century. Many people feel that this fresh posses excessively many averments to racism. On the contrary, many feel like this book shows the history of this state, and how this fresh posses another technique from the nineteenth century that pupils should be addressed to. Novels can make graphic images, but whether those images are acceptable or whether those images are obnoxious leaves the school board precisely where the people were over a century ago.

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National vs International Marketing Essays

National vs International Marketing Essays National vs International Marketing Essay National vs International Marketing Essay | National vs International Marketing| International Marketing| | | | Summer 2011 Differences between national and international marketing The differences we found between national and international marketing are: the international environment is more complex, both have different economy, culture, laws and politics, language, economic development levels, currency, etc†¦ The company faces an international competition, markets outside the borders and further input forms should be selected. Each of these involves a degree of commitment to the market, a particular investment and a lower or higher contact with the final customer and a coordination marketing plan must be carried out in each market. In international marketing we analyze different aspects; one is the stage of economic development of the nation. It also discusses factors such as customs of the population, market segmentation and social political system of the country. International markets are vital for many companies. A large number of corporations in the world earn more than half of the profits from the tax profits of marketing and production abroad. A company moves from domestic to the international market for several reasons. The first is simply the existence of international markets. There is great demand for many consumer products in developing nations. Second, as domestic marketing saturates, manufacturers seek for international markets. Third, some overseas countries have very natural and human resources that give them a unique advantage when it comes to producing certain goods. Fourth, international expansion is the fact of having a technological advantage. In one country a particular industry, often encouraged by the government and encouraged by the efforts of a few companies, acquired a technological advantage over the rest of the world. International markets rises exciting opportunities, but ompetition is intense. Companies get succ ess from the environmental factors that influence international marketing and adapt to them. The objective of this discipline is to know, in breadth and depth, foreign markets to conquer through the placement of Mexican products, in this case adapted to their needs, tastes or needs demand. International marketing should also take into account the import regime and conditions of inputs required, in many cases, in the making of products to export. I believe that international marketing is important for both, country and company; each company learns from the culture of the different countries to which they sell or want to sell and with all this they can exchange experiences among countries to adopt improvements and adding value to the company. In many cases there are needs for certain products that can only be obteined from other countries and of whom we get benefit, each country has different resources and technological capabilities to generate them; that’s why both, companies and countries, are important for international marketing. The new information technologies Nowadays, progress in the so-called information technologies, which include computer equipment, software and telecommunications, are having a great effect. In fact, it is said that were in a new type of society called Information Society or Knowledge Society, which replaces the two previous socio-economic models, the agrarian and industrial society. As well as Internet, Marketing has been linked to the company of the past few years. Is the specific modes of executing or carrying out the terms of trade consisting in identify, create, develop and serve the demand. Its easy to think from the definition that technology has a vital importance in the marketing. I n recent years technology has transformed the offer that the consumer can choose; products that years ago were only available to few consumers today are products that are used in every home. The pace at which innovations occur is transforming the market dramatically. Among the normal processes of running a business, business processes, customer service and marketing, through direct contact, through the usual channels of sales or established through a Contact Center (Call Center), are probably the most important in any business success. They all have primarily responsibility for the entry of revenue, customer loyalty and to a large extent on the differentiation of the competition.

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Basic accounting principles

Basic accounting principles The set of rules that governs the field of accounting are known as accounting principles. Accounting principles are conventions that provide a framework for accounting, book keeping, and financial reporting. These principles are essential for businesses preparing their financial statements. For reporting purposes, both internal and external, accounting principles ensure that the financial information should not be misleading for its users. During the Great Depression of 1929, US Government passed a law for the creation of convention, principles, and standards for accounting practices. These principles are known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or GAAP. GAAP helped in standardizing the practices used in the accounting industry for preparing financial statements. With the help of GAAP debtors, creditors and investors can analyze the financial health of the company and also compare its performance with other companies. All the companies are expected to follow these generally accepted accounting principles when they are preparing their financial statements. The topics that GAAP covers are assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, equity, preparation of financial statements, and all the other industry-specific accounting practices pertaining to aviation, banking, etc. There are three principles of accounting. These are: The Business Entity Concept – In accountancy, a clear distinction has been made between the business and its proprietor. Business Entity Concept means that the business should be treated as a separate entity from its owner. A business is a separate entity in the eyes of laws. In legal terms, it can be said that a business can exist even after the existence of its proprietors. Even in the books of accounts of business entity, each transaction is recorded from the perspective of the business and not from point of view of the proprietor. Going Concern Concept – Going concern concept explains that the business until and unless entered into liquidation, is to be considered having a perpetual or an indefinite life. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants defines it as â€Å"going concern concept assumes that the business will remain in existence long enough for all the assets of the business to be fully utilized. Utilized assets mean obtaining the complete benefit from their earning potential†. Any business is said to going concern when there is neither an intention nor the necessity to wind up its operations in foreseeable future. Full Disclosure Concept – Full disclosure concept requires that companies should reveal every aspect of its accounting in their financial statements. According to this concept financial statements should provide fair and full information about they purport to represent. To meet the requirement of Full Disclosure concept, financial statements are supported by the footnotes. For example, market value of investments, methods used for valuation of investments, inventories and methods used for charging depreciation on fixed assets, etc. are shown in the Balance Sheet as footnotes. The purpose of full disclosure concept is to provide all material and relevant facts pertaining to the financial health and results to its users.